Saturday, October 15, 2011

Secret - Power

It's been a year since my last post. I guess everyone more fancy in facebook than checking on update in blog post now. Despite of that, i will be still hanging around with my blogspot, once a while...:)

I read a book recently, Secret - The Power by Rhonda Byrne. It's a book that really inspiring, it's a book that worth to read. Enlighten you that the universal is so huge and everyone of is having the power to get thing that they want if he/she understood how this universal works and it's all about power that everyone of us owned.

The rule is very simple, it quite similar with buddhist philosophy. What you gave is what you get. What your thinking right now will attract the thing that with same frequency with what you are thinking, and this thinking will bring you all the people, thing or incident that goes same mode with your thinking. If you had mad on someone, and you are kept feeling the anger inside you, you are attracting more n more things that keep you feel even more worse. This is because when your thinking on a bad emotion, you are at the frequency of having this bad feeling and every other thing that on the same frequency will come to you. Just that simple!

There is another good point from the book that worth sharing. Always appreciate thing that you have had. Every liltle thing like today you can have a healthy body and free time to surf net, it's something that you can appreciate. You should not only appreciate when you get something extraordinary. You can thankful that every morning you can wake up in good health and can have a non problematic car to drive to work. Even when your car broke down, you may think gratefully that your car had gave you a good service so far. By doing this, you will have good feeling and emotion at the beginning of the day. And if you kept appreciate every thing for the rest of the day, you will be getting good feeling all day and that keep you in good frequency and all the good things will come along. That is best thing that you hope and wish for, isn't it?

If so, keep the rule, remember it and practice it. No lose to experience it, find out and reveal the truth of the book says. I still want to emphasis here, what you gave is what you get. So if you want to get thing that you want, you need to give other thing that they want.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was listening to the MP3 played in my car, i like to volume it up and singing along the way i am back home from work. It was a little jam like it always be near the edge of the Penang bridge towards Seberang Jaya.

While i am singing the Backstreetboys's song and out of sudden, i stare blankly on what just happen in front of me, it is just 200 metres from where i drove, and my mouth couldn't sing out anymore.

There is a Kelisa turned out to right side as the way towards the junction lead to Seberang Jaya mosque. This sudden move had caused the a motorcyclist to shift to right side to avoid the car. The Kelisa driver (i think) did not aware the motorcyclist at the side. Things happened so damn fast, by the time i am describing this, motorcyclist was not able to control his motor and fall down on the road and.........

This is hard for me to describe, i do not want to memorize this scene, this terrible scene. Unfortunately there is a big lorry moving just right the location where the motorcyclist is fallen, and...(sorry i do not want to describe) and by the time i passed by the accident spot, the motorcyclist was lying on the road with a blooding stomach.

I was so shocked, but i know i need to be careful driving as traffic is kinda mess at that moment. But i still can't calm down myself with what i had seen for some times. After a while, i know i need to do something, i put on handfree, dial 211 to call for help. But i guess i am too slow, there is already someone else that make the call.

This is the first time i seen with my own eyes on how accident is happened. The first time, but the terrified one. I then realize the danger of ridding motorcycle on road, especially on the highway. I also wanted to blame the Kelisa driver, turn out in sudden causing the motorcyclist suffer badly. I do not know how is the condition of the motorcyclist but i do pray for him to be able to rescue. I really hope so....and you, please pray for him as well. I thank you u.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eastin Hotel Japanese Buffet...

It's a new opening hotel in Penang island and me and "tham chiak" colleagues decided to take a try on its Friday Japanese buffet. The cost RM65 + 10% + 5% (government & service taxes). If you have Citibank/Maybank/AMEX credit card, you will get 10% discount then. :-)

We went on public holiday, 27th Nov and initially the staff @ payment counter said there is no discount on public holiday, somehow i think due to new opening and also to provide good impression to customer, they say yes at last.

The buffet start from 6pm to 10.30pm, when see at a glance, there is not much variety of japanese dishes being served. Basically there are 4 sections, main course section, Teppanyaki section, dessert & sashimi section and coffee, tea & ice cream section.

@ Main Course section, What do we got here? okay, we have Kushiyaki (串烧), Tempura (vege & shrimp), fish fillet with fresh vege, Miso soup, cooked conger eel fillet (鳗鱼), fried rice, fried noodles, smoked salmon head, cawamushi & Beef. The food taste of this section? I would give poor comment on the Miso soup (not taste like miso soup) & Tempura (never refill the shrimp) :( but the cooked conger eel fillet (鳗鱼) is good.
@ Teppanyaki section, we can choose either chicken or fish for chef to cook for you on the spot. Beside the teppanyaki, there is sushi roll corner where the chef is "rolling" the hand roll. The food taste of this section? The Teppanyaki is nice to eat. :-)
@ Dessert & Sashimi section, it's more variety of dishes compare to the other three. I like the dessert the most as they serve a lot of delicious cakes, especially cheese cake, green tea cake & banana carrot slice. For the sashimi, we only can have 2 kind --> red tuna and salmon. On the serve table, there are some other dishes like octopus on tart, 凉面 and few types of sushi rolls, salads & fruits.
@ Coffee, Tea & Ice Cream section, we can have hot tea, coffee and 5 type favour of ice cream with standard topping. THere is no green tea except you ask the waiter or waitress to serve you one.

Overall, I would not rate the buffet high as the not much variety of japanese food is served there. I didn't see the sign of udon, grill saba fish, teriyaki unagi or ika which are all my favourites.
Here are my rates: 5 stars the most
Food Variety 3 stars
Food Refill 2 stars
Food Taste 3 stars
Service 4 stars

We had wrote down our feedback on the food and hopefully this was take into consideration by the hotel management. If you happen to try it after mine and found improvement on food & service, do drop me a note. Thanks first ya!!! :D

Swift real swift >>>>>>>

Finally i had bought it, my new car fair white SWIFT in 15th September this year. Start my research and survey in mid of July, was wandering between car model - Toyota Vios, Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Getz & Honda City. As i am budgeting my purchase price within 60k to 70k ++, i have to exclude out those car model that exceeding this price range, even i am really fancy new Honda Jazz, light blue sea color, my dream car..probadly that will be my next car. :p

Being dreaming to own sporty car like Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Latio, Hyundai Getz & Swift, but those car prices are real expensive, either near or over 100k, more expensive than aeroback car except for Hyundai Getz & Swift. Hyundai Getz is the first that i drop out from the purchase list as it ease lots of fuel and required high maintenance cost.

Then weekend in those months, was being busy, walk in those Toyota Vios, Suzuki Swift & Honda City car dealer, comparing the car price and deal from each dealer. I need a car with at least with standard safety facility and most important is within my budget price range, and not lack of style or sporty feature. And so and so and so.....i chose SUZUKI SWIFT. :D

After decision made, it is headache time to think of what color to select. I first fancy at red color after viewing its broucher showing red chili shining swift, so charming! But then when view actual car in real, it was actually melon color which a way out of my expectation. It took 1 night to wander what color is the best, tell me if you also have the same experience like me..hee.....

And finally i change my initial color - blue to white (not pearl white but fair white), i am picking blue color upon car purchasing. I know i am a bit indecisive in this case. :p

I am officially drive on my fair white Swift on 12th October. Everything became easier and faster right now, and i finally realize why the car named as such, cause it's really swift! like a fast wind!!
Here are reason why you need to choose Swift: Not offencing other car model...
1. Keyless entry start (with immobiliser)
--> This is just the right feature that suit me very much, i no need to take car key in and out neither starting the car engine nor lock or unlock the car, as long as the remote is within the workable area.
2. High speed performance car
-> Good pick up and high speed performance car, that's why it called swift...
3. Car Stability
--> The curb weight is 1030kg, that's mean the car is very stabil when go on bumpy road.
4. Fuel Consumption
--> 14 cents per km, quite ok for me.
5. Car Height 1510mm
--> This height figure is a way higher than other cars like city, vios and etc....And it just suit a tall gil like me. :)
6. 6 speakers
--> For a gil that pretty much love music like me, it keep me awake when i felt sleepy while driving.

And this car also come with almost the full spec of other car model such as:
Dual Airbags
ABS & Brake assist
Audio control on power steering
Retractable side mirror with signal indicator
Information display in terminal - fuel consumption & outside temperature
Electromagnetic tailgate opener
Foldable rear seat

Okay, here is my fair white SWIFT.

Pretty woman with my Swift...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's my "Cow One"...with frens

It took quite some while for me to update this blog. Guess being busy quite a while till now only i am able to update my wonderful dinner time with my close friends. It is a pre-celebration for my birthday! :D

Gang had pick Strada for the dinner spot, it is a not-so-big restaurant situated @ Pulau Tikus, same row with Police station there. If you notice, when u look outside Strada at the glance, you might have the feeling that is a Prada shop. :)

Well, i like the interior design of the restaurant. With the light peach and blue green color wall paint, under the soft white light, making it nice for photo shooting. Before the dish ordering, my very professional friend took some shots, which i like it very much!

My pretty girl friends...

Here, table of 12 is reserved!

Shoot before the dinner...

Me & Irene, it's a farewell dinner for her too! Cheers...

My order - Grill Salmon RM27.50 - Dry a bit but the potato is nice!

My drink - Pink Lady RM8.50, taste sweet, nice!

Appetizer - Calamari with tartar sauce for 4 course meal (appetizer + soup + Seafood Paella + dessert --> RM35)

Seafood Paella - cheesy fried rice, don't expect it will like chinese fried rice!

Seafood Marinara RM22.50 - This is nice, it's also the chef signature dish oh!

All the girl friends...:)

Chiew Ling Gal & Kevin...

Singing the birthday song...

That red singlet, is my birthday gift...:)

Making birthday wish...

It's a fun night with close friends gathering, laughter and jokes from them...I know they are tired of celebrating my birthday and urg me to find my Mr. Right as soon as possible to replace them for the celebration. But i know they don't mean that, because all are with big smilesssssssss on that night. After that, we went to Segafredo for second round event. i had a great night! :D

By the way, To get to know the menu in Strada restaurant, you can visit You can try the lunch over there too, its price is RM16++ onwards, reasonable price!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's my "Cow One"...with colids

This day, i had been told to spare time after work for dinner. And the only thing that i know is just i am going for dinner with 4 colleagues but never been told a single clue on the venue, and what's the whole plan.

So i sit in my dear brother's car and let him drove whereever he wish to. And finally i figure out what is the diner place when the car turn in QB mall.

It was a surprise for me when i step in OXO CafeLab seeing there is a long table reserved and my team member is present there. I then realize it was a little "beautiful" lie from my brother that to make the team gathering a surprise for me! :)

From left: Ah Hoo, me, Sze Sze, Sultan, Miss Ling

Me & Sze Sze who came across the sea for the dinner, so touch!!!

Me & my order - i only remember the item code A15

Here it is, the close up of my ordered dish

The dessert, taste real nice! Thumb up oh...

Me cutting the fruit cake

After finish up the dessert, i got the present from the gang..:D Put it on for photo-ing....heh heh

Here it is, the necklace

Don't misunderstood, the birthday girl -me- is 2nd from the left. Sze Sze, next time don't wear prettier than birthday girl ha...

Ta la...Here is the gang...

And the OXO models...

This night, i enjoy myself very much, with the good food, birthday songs, photoshots and laughters from the gang. Actually i am happy enough to have them for my birthday celebration. Thank you gang, you all are wonderful! YOU MADE MY NIGHT...:D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Cari Makan" @ Pulau Aman 18 July 2009

9 sharp in the morning, i had woke up to prepare myself heading to Pulau Aman, an island that situated @ Tambun. Honestly i never heard of this island before and since there is email forwarding saying it is a place that famous with Mee Udang, so we never want to let go any chances of good food, decided to have a try. :-)

We a group of 9 peoples gathered @ roadside just before the roundabout that turn in to Tambun Jetty and when everyone is arrived, clock already ticked @ 10++am. Hamba is leading us from the gather place to Tambun jetty. We first turn in 9 O'clock of roundabout and drive for about 5 minutes time. After that we came to a red soil road that seem to be having some construction as lorries are back and forth on the road.

And you can see from below picture, the red soil is flying upwards after car drive through, and you can imagine how's our car be, is a mess dirt with red soil covered up all part of the car. That's not all, we thought we can reach the jetty after a short while but the further we drive in, the sign of jetty is hardly to see. Then, we realized we are in the wrong path. Holy cow!

Here we are, 9 of us...:-)
At last, and finally we reached the jetty. We took some shots here...
While we walking toward jetty, we saw many jelly fishes in the water.
To reach the floating restaurant, we need to take engine boat for about 15 minutes journey time, the ticket cost us RM6 for 2 way. Here it is, the floating restaurant that famous with its Mee Udang.
And then we discovered there is a school located on this Pulau Aman.
Here is the overall map of Pulau Aman.
And there are actually a lot of chalet or acommodation (including the school), real cheap! Some only cost RM150 for 10 persons.
Wow, a lot of people here. We thought it must be very delicious at the glance. First we ordered of course the Mee Udang and Mee Goreng.
After the try, mm...most of us felt "so so" nia not as delicious as stated in the forwarded mail. Okay, the "kuah" of the Mee Udang is quite nice but by the time we eat it, the "kuah" already get cold.
Other than these 2 dishes, hamba went to order the mantis prawn at the corner just before the entry to the restaurant. Look, the mantis prawn is still alive!
And all i can say, these mantis prawn are fresh and yea...taste good! :-)
Each of us have 2 mantis prawn and thought that is the best taste dish of the day. Overall i can conclude that Pulau Aman is small village with a few populations live on the island. There is no water activity here but you can explore a few spots on the island like Telaga Mas, Kubur Purba, Jungle Trekking & fishing... (Refer to the map) As for us, we still need to hunt food at other place, so we left after lunch.